Dog (and owner) Training

Why is training a good investment?

Proper training is key to a happy and safe relationship with your dog, setting the foundation to ensure your dog stays physically fit, mentally alert, socially engaged and emotionally happy. Your dog is a member of the family and you want your relationship to be mutually enjoyable.

Dog training based on positive reinforcement helps pet parents understand how dogs think, learn and communicate. In turn, you will understand how to encourage and reward appropriate and well-mannered dog behaviors for all situations. This builds and nurtures the bond between you and your dog.

Families have the best relationships with their dogs if they help their dog understand their role in the household. The most efficient and effective way to do this is with formal training. Dogs feel safest, most confident and are well-behaved knowing their pet parents are making the decisions and setting boundaries.

As you work with your trainer and your dog, your dog will learn to repeat the behaviors that you reinforce. It is important that every family member has agreed on which behaviors are acceptable and preferred, how to consistently reinforce these behaviors and what to do in case a less favorable behavior is observed.

Training time can be playtime. Talk, laugh and have fun while your dog learns “sit,” “down” and other basic behaviors. Be exuberant with plenty of praise, so they know they got it right!

Training Classes

2020 Calendar coming soon!!

  • Prevents behavior issues BEFORE they start
  • Class sessions run quarterly. 6 week sessions.
  • Classes design is a fun, interactive way to prepare and insure the most socially well-mannered and anxiety-free dog

Training Seminar Series

Training Seminar Series

Custom designed programs based on your dogs needs

  • 5-part series that will dive deep into understanding and communicating with your dog
  • The Program outline will offer not just obedience drills but effectively altering those commands to scenario-based issues that your dog faces every day
  • All sessions will last approximately 2 hours with time for break outs and one on one time for specific issue altering
  • $250 for 5 week session
  • $75 per session

Individualized Training

Custom designed programs based on your dogs needs.

  • Free consultation – in person meeting with you and your dog to assess their behavior and to discuss needs
  • Customized program recommendations to most efficiently and effectively reach your training goals
  • $75 per session

In-board Training

The most comprehensive training program through our affiliation with Altamaha Canine Consulting, Inc.

  • 2 months of in-board training
  • Designed for dogs 5 months and older
  • Dogs will learn a variety of on and off leash commands
  • At program completion, owners will be transitioned into control og the dog and taught how to continue to reinforce commands
  • Basic Obedience program $1200. Other programs available.