Eating the appropriate amount of the right stuff is directly linked to animal health and longevity. Eating the right stuff largely means leading with healthy proteins and leaving behind lower-cost fillers (think corn). Ancestry provides pets with a satisfying food that includes all of the good—and none of the bad.


Ancestry kibble is super dense with the nutrients that your pet deserves. Experience shows that  pets that eat Ancestry get full quicker, with less food. Some dogs eat a full cup or two less per day when compared to other brands. Ancestry is packed with energy, plenty of amino acids, and healthy fats to keep coats shiny and bodies full of vitality.


We have also found that Ancestry enjoys a consistently high palatability across all formulas. Easier digestion across diets makes transitioning between formulas easier on your pet. Rotating between diets will not only pique his interest, but it will also expose your pet to even more diverse proteins to keep the digestive system on its A-game.

Nourish your dog as nature intended with ORIJEN’s unmatched fresh regional meat inclusions that mirror your dog’s evolutionary diet, excluding high-glycemic carbohydrates, vegetable proteins, and the long lists of synthetic supplements found in conventional dog foods.


Inspired by a natural diet of whole prey animals, ORIJEN features unmatched and unique inclusions of fresh meats that mirror the evolutionary diet of dogs and cats — excluding high-glycemic carbohydrates, vegetable proteins and the long lists of synthetic supplements found in conventional foods.


With a reputation of trust spanning more than a decade, award-winning ORIJEN is guaranteed to give you peace-of-mind and keep your cherished companion happy, healthy and strong.

The benefits of CBD products are amazing!!  We carry the highest-quality brand, Holistic Hound, which provides a positive, functional contribution to the health of animals, people and the environment.

Reported Health Benefits of CBD

Relieves anxiety

Reduces inflammation & pain

Reduces seizures and convulsions

Modulates immune system

Kills or slows growth of bacteria

Reduces blood sugar levels

Reduces nausea and vomiting

Inhibits cancer cell growth

Benefits Of Our CBD Treats Include:

Each treat is infused with a minimum of 3 mg or 7.5 mg CBD and other phytocannabinoids derived from hemp that is organically grown in the US

• CBD and other phytocannabinoids are isolated using clean CO2 extraction methods

• Each batch is third party tested to confirm potency and to ensure the product is free from pesticides as well as residual solvents

• Made with organic pasture raised chicken from family farms in Wisconsin

CBD Rich Hemp Oil – available in 100mg, 250mg, and 500 mg