Danny Fleming

Danny Fleming is a retired 20-year U.S. Navy Law Enforcement Military Working Dog Trainer with certifications from the Department of Defense Military Working Dog Center. During his military and post military career he has accrued over 3000 hrs of highly specialized and advanced training in a wide variety of specialized training tracts. His specialties are puppy imprinting; basic, advanced, tactical and competition obedience; scent detection; Search and Rescue; tracking; family protection k9’s and Police K9’s. He holds several academic degrees in Business Administration and Management, Criminal Justice, and Marine Engineering. He is currently pursuing a diploma of K9 Behavior Science and Technology (Dip.CBST). He is also a certified commercial diver and underwater welder/ Search and Rescue diver. During his K9 career both in the military and post military retirement he has worked with and provided services to the United States Secret Service K9 details and missions, providing protection and detection services to The President, Vice President and countless high ranking distinguished U.S. and international heads of state and VIP’s. He volunteered for 2 combat deployments to Afghanistan where he earned numerous awards and commendations for his leadership and actions in combat for the capture of 5 Taliban fighters, numerous explosive materials and weapons caches and finding over improvised explosive devices his professionalism and impact on the Global War on Terrorism. His devotion and dedication to tirelessly hunt the enemy with his K9 in the lead and to protect his brothers and sisters in arms from IED’s and ambushes and more so for his refusal to leave the fight despite injuries received on several missions garnered him the reputation among his upper chain of command whom, at his end of tour award ceremony, referred to him as “The man, The myth, The legend”. He has also trained k9’s and their trainers from several countries around the world which resulted in a dramatic increase of K9 teams overall effectiveness and asset value in the mitigation of IED and explosive materials threats throughout the region saving countless lives.